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The best Cold Brew Coffee in Gurugram we found at Brothers Cafe !!

Drunk for over two thousand years coffee has become one of the most popular drink in the world. Strolling on the streets of DLF Phase 1 in Arjun Marg Shopping Mall we found this hidden gem with the name, Brothers Cold Brew Cafe serving the best Cold Brew Coffee in Delhi NCR. This cafe produce deliciously smooth cold brews with deep, intense and varied flavours and also offer sweeter options made with sugar syrup and non sweetened option too. Nowhere in Gurgaon does cold brew quite as well as Brothers Cold Brew Cafe.

The first thing to know more about Cold Brew is that it actually takes quite some time to prepare it. Brewing this coffee in cold or room-temperature water gives a different flavour to it because it is less soluble than brewing in hot water. So by increasing the time at which you are “extracting” or “brewing”, you can maximise the solubility of the coffee grounds.
When you extract coffee using hot water, it oxidises and degrades much more and faster. So when using a cold brew method, which is slow, you’ll often find that acidity and bitterness is also very low. Before knowing more about this cafe lets have an idea about the benefits of Cold Brew Coffee as given by Brothers Cold Brew Cafe :

Brothers Cafe, Delhi Food Bloggers
Brothers Cafe, Delhi Food Bloggers

Brewed for over 48 hours and served in bottles, their coffee gives a more subtle flavours then a normal coffee. This Cold Brew is very smooth with the extended brewing process that adds intensity and complexity to the flavour. It contains natural caffeine that will invigorate you and lift your mood. Apart from their Cold Brew they also serve some snacks like Momos which is also one of its kind.

With our Caramel and Hazelnut Cold Brew coffees we tried their Peri Peri Momos in which everything including their spices are home made and without any preservatives. We loved everything about this kiosk. Everything is so systematic and you will be served without any hassle even though footfall is heavy here.
So guys it is one of the best place in Delhi NCR to hype and find a cold brew.

Brothers Cafe, Delhi Food BloggersBrothers Cafe, Delhi Food Bloggers
Brothers Cafe, Delhi Food BloggersBrothers Cafe, Delhi Food Bloggers
Brothers Cafe, Delhi Food BloggersBrothers Cafe, Delhi Food Bloggers

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