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Sharma ji Kachoriwala, Kamla Nagar

Stalking on the roads of Kamla Nagar we found a very interesting “on-the-hoof” eating joint in the name of Sharma Ji Kachori Waale. In India some of the best foods are eaten without spoon or forks, so is Sharma Ji Kachori Waale where crisp Mathi kachori’s are served with tangy Spicy gravy. Taking your street-food desire to another level this small joint is serving the crispiest kachoris be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner or just a quick bite. Serving through decades this legendary food joint is serving one of the best kachoris just for Rs 22/- per plate. The footfall at this place is very high, you may have to queue up to have these mouthwatering dish.
You ‘ll get 5 kachoris(not the stuffed ones as we get at other places) with Aloo Sabzi to complement with. The Kachoris are extremely crisp and fresh. The Aloo sabzi is quite tangy full of heeng(Asafoetida) aroma pleasing to your taste buds. In the culture where new delicacies and fusions in food is coming up, this shop has maintained to retain the taste of this Indian cuisine to blow your mind.
There is no seating arrangement outside the shop so you just need to stand and eat or have it in your car.

SharmaJi Kachori , Delhi Food Bloggers
SharmaJi Kachori , Delhi Food Bloggers

SharmaJi Kachori , Delhi Food Bloggers

If you’re in the neighborhood and want something interesting beyond the cafe food that’s prevalent in the area and it’s affordable, I would recommend this spot.
Shop No. 38/A, Near Chowk, Satyawati Marg, Block A, Kamla Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Delhi.

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