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Plum By Bent Chair, Aerocity

Bend it like Bekham or bend it like the Bent Chair. This place is so exquisite and opulent that when one enters it, they feel as if they have entered to  whole new wonderland that is full of swanky furniture, decor, posh colour scheme on the walls and lit up surroundings.
Plum by Bent Chair is a splendid place that one must opt for a fancy dinner date or a plush morning breakfast with tempting meals and cuisines which one should surely try out. The decor of this place is really plush and the furnishings look very eye catchy and gorgeous. And while sitting at this amazing place, amazing food is what it calls out for. The place is not just limited to luscious food and plush environment but this one of its kind retail restaurant even sell lavish furniture which is made in house and even imported one’s that one can dine on and have a great experience.

What we got to our table as chefs special were, a Chicken Gyoza Dumplings, Dynaic Prawn Dumplings, Mushroom Bao, Tempura Prawn Uramaki Sushi, Truffle and Tofu Sushi, Tofu Spicy Basil, Chicken Puffsome, a Smoked Plum Negroni, a Spritzer- Elderflower and Blueberry.
The Chicken Gyoza dumpling’s presentation was really pleasant and mesmerising, the dumplings were steamed and then pan fried from the bottom, the filling of the chicken was really soft and less chewy which not only made the chicken tasty but the texture made us order it more.
Plum By Bent Chair, Delhi Food Bloggers
Let’s talk about sea now. The Dynaic Prawn Dumplings came in a steam bowl and were presented well with each dumpling put properly making a set of two in one. The texture of the dumplings was soft and the prawn in it was perfectly spiced and less chewy.

Plum By Bent Chair, Delhi Food Bloggers
Then came the Bao plate, these look like smoked puff balls, fluffy from its texture and amazingly soft from inside. The bao was filled with mushroom cooked in veggies and is perfectly diced and squished in it and the bao was just properly steamed which made it really easy to tear and eat.

Plum By Bent Chair, Delhi Food Bloggers
Both the sushi’s were great and delectable, one was made with steamed rice and the other was a bit fried and crunchy one. The steamed one had fish fillings and chilli in it which after eating neutralised the taste and made us chew for a bit longer, but the fried sushi was really tasty and flavourful, and the crunchy crumbs on it made it really appealing from the outside as well as inside too.

Plum By Bent Chair, Delhi Food Bloggers

Then came the Tofu spicy Basil, the tofu was diced into pieces and was cooked to perfection in barbecue sauce with basil put over it, it melted in our mouths just by eating a single dice of it. Plum By Bent Chair, Delhi Food Bloggers
The last dish to come at our table was the chicken puffsome, it was a fusion of salty and sweet, the puffsome was a life of round patty filled with smoked chicken flavoured well and it was glazed with caramel on top, it tasted really tempting and the flavour fusion made us wonder how perfect a dish can be than this.Plum By Bent Chair, Delhi Food Bloggers
To complement our whole meal we had some drinks which were well put and decorated specially with such plush techniques which made us to specific point that how amazing this place can be.

Plum By Bent Chair, Delhi Food Bloggers
We had a pretty great experience there, with outstanding and pleasant staff who not only entertained us well but served to our tables there best.
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