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Master Koii’s, Sushant Lok

Have a craving or want to try something unique, this newbie in town is here to quench your hunger with some exquisitely amazing Korean and Chinese delicacies.
The Master Koi’s is the new kid in town with its varicoloured interiors and nicely decked up walls with Chinese paintings and artwork with nicely put up decor if the place. This place is a cozy stop for a fun and amazing lunch or any meal of the day for sure. To be here gives oneself a good mood and thrives positivity. The tables are nicely put with proper crockery and chop sticks accurately placed over them. With such great environment we ordered some amazingly great food.

MasterKoi, Delhi Food Bloggers
MasterKoi, Delhi Food Bloggers

What we got to our table were a Crunchy Chicken Korean Sushi, a Braised Chicken Chinese Crep, a Bimbap Chicken Korean Stone bowl and a Fresh Lime soda.
We started of with the Sushi, the sushi came in 4 pieces and all were properly kept which looked really accurate and tasty at the same time, the rice and the chicken in the sushi were just perfectly cooked and the outer layer of the sushi was perfectly fried and it tastes amazing with its sauce.
Next was the chicken crep, the crep’s outer layer was really thin and crunchy which made us eat it easily without any hassle and not making it chewy though the chicken was shredded on but was soft enough to our mouths and the it had that Chinese barbecue sauce to it which made it really spicy and tangy at the same time.
The last we ate was the Bimbap koran stone bowl, this one quite a show stopped among our meals we had, it looked really mesmerizing on how the presentation was done and how perfectly each element of the dish was kept tact, it had a sauce to it which was really different, it was bitter and sour at the same time but even asked us to eat it more.

MasterKoi, Delhi Food BloggersMasterKoi, Delhi Food BloggersMasterKoi, Delhi Food BloggersMasterKoi, Delhi Food Bloggers

The staff there was very welcoming and kind and made our visit really worthy, if you wanna try something new for your taste-buds do hop down here and dine in to this place for sure.

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