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Delhi Street Food

Hari Om Chole Bhature, Prashant Vihar

Scuttle and scattered busy streets of North West Delhi surely asks for a rush for good traditional food as well, but this is not just a neighborhood food joint but it is a specifically single food shop which has been running here I guess for more than a decade and is famous for its fluffy oily, air filled goodness.
The Hari OM Chole Bhature is a small food joint located on the streets of North-West Delhi’s Prashant Vihar is a stop for this amazing traditional dish and some great Lassi as well. Either you can stand there and eat on the tables put outside the shop or you can get a take-away for the same and enjoy it peacefully at your homes. The Chole Bhature are really soft and filled with paneer to it which doesn’t make it that chewy and able to eat easily and the chole are spicy enough and filled with spices and garam masala and spinach which makes and uplifts the charm of this meal. To complement this one particular dish they have Lassi made with fresh curd and laced with malai on the top which relinquishes one’s craving.
Do step in here for once if you
Stop by in the North-West Delhi’s area and do try these out.

Hari Om, Delhi Food Bloggers
Hari Om, Delhi Food Bloggers

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