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AIR- An Ivory Region, Punjabi Bagh

Let’s talk somethings epic, something extensive in the restaurant world. This place is considered to be the immense amount of goodness and amazing ambiance and food to lust for.
Down on the streets of Punjabi Bagh the restaurant named An Ivory Region(AIR) is the most largest of all in all of the West Delhi’s restaurants. It has a stupefying interiors with comfortably laid out seating with mesmerizing terrace to enjoy and evening under the stars. The seating is really comfortable and the lights are lit all around the place with pillar lights and decked up environment. The terrace has a double terrace with seatings and even has a garden feel to it with pleasant music playing all around to jazz up your visit. The bar was so big and the boozes kept looked so lively to watch and binge on them while enjoying there.
With such good environment comes good food as well. We ordered A Pasta, A Chilli Chicken and Chilli Potatoes. The pasta was good enough with tomato flavour properly added to it and pasta sauce was cooked perfectly but lacked salt in it a bit. The Chilli Chicken came a bit late but was worth coming, the chicken was soft and tender and the flavour was juicy to the point. The Chilli Potato were crispy and flavoursome but lacked spiciness to it so we had to add tobasco sauce to it and had to eat them with mayonnaise. Whatever we ate, where ever we sat everything was a delight and stupendous, the service was spectacular and the dishes came to our table on time and didn’t make us wait.
It surely is a great place to hop on and have an awe-inspiring experience.

AIR, Delhi Food BloggersAIR, Delhi Food BloggersAIR, Delhi Food BloggersAIR, Delhi Food Bloggers

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