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In the mood for some Indian traditional food.. take a chance and hit at this surprisingly amazing place The Thali Wala. Particularly famous for its South Indian thali. This restaurant houses dishes from different food genre and different cuisines which not only water your tastebuds just by looking at it rather the environment is so pleasing that it is a jolly for everyone be it families, colleagues, friends.
The restaurant is quite nicely constructed though not too loud but quirky to the eyes of the visitor with funky posters on the wall to different quote frames on the wall pillars which talk just about food loud and that too some delicious stuff.

For making our tastebuds to take a back and rest with some good food we ordered a Mysore Masala Dosa and a Traditional South Indian Masala Dosa.
The Traditional South Indian Dosa had that South Indian spices to it With Alloo(Potato) filled in the dosa with all the paste spread across it.
The taste of it was just lurking to our tastebuds. The Mysore Masala Dosa came to be the one with a twist.
It did have the Alloo filling in it, but the dosa was laced with Mysore Masala which made it even more spicy and lip smacking to eat and even look at it coz the red hot masala was a delight to the eyes. The sambhar was a bit on the sugary side, though it had the perfect taste of tamarind to it but the taste came out to be sweet.

The chutneys were really mesmerising. The traditional coconut chutney was just amazing. The red tomato chutney, was spicy yet sour which gave a perfect combo to our dosas and the green mint chutney was smooth to our buds and all these 3 complemented our dishes wisely. Its a fun to gather place be it with family or friends to have a good meal of your heart and have jolly time spending here at any hours of the day.

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