Chow Chacha, Punjabi Bagh

Chow Chacha, Delhi Food Bloggers

No food outlet on Club Road of Punjabi Bagh enjoys more commanding location then Chow Chacha. Perhaps the first shop on left while entering the road is this one. Journeying down on this road we found this outlet where you will literary find the finger licking food and you will have to tounge – bath your fingers to dislodge the awesomeness from your fingers. As we all know Delhi’s sprawling food scene runs a gamut of regional styles and specialities having fantastic flavours, this outlet boasts a selection of Indian all-stars from…

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AIR- An Ivory Region, Punjabi Bagh

AIR, Delhi Food Bloggers

Let’s talk somethings epic, something extensive in the restaurant world. This place is considered to be the immense amount of goodness and amazing ambiance and food to lust for. Down on the streets of Punjabi Bagh the restaurant named An Ivory Region(AIR) is the most largest of all in all of the West Delhi’s restaurants. It has a stupefying interiors with comfortably laid out seating with mesmerizing terrace to enjoy and evening under the stars. The seating is really comfortable and the lights are lit all around the place with…

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TOS – Take Off Scarlet, Punjabi Bagh

TOS, Delhi Food Bloggers

One of the firsts of its kind this place is stop for booze, food and surely for a party animal. The Take Of Scarlet onto The Club road of West Delhi’s posh area Punjabj Bagh this place is a one stop for some good time. As you enter the place the ambience is a lot dark and it’s a bit hard to move around in the darker areas as there is really less lighting, though it does have good seating and nicely laid out architecture but it is a hardship…

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The Spice Twister, Punjabi Bagh

Spice Twister, Delhi Food Blogger

The Spice Twister is a beautiful restaurant having a twisted Spice taste with a mellow outlook. Residing on the posh club road of Punjabi Bagh this place is a go to hangout for a fine dinning experience at a reasonable pocket price and definitely a taste twister for your tongue. As you enter you are welcomed by very plush interiors all around, beautiful paint job on the walls, sparkly ambient lighting with fixtures and beautiful fittings which has a very posh kind of outlook to it. The presentation of the…

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Verandah Moonshine, Punjabi Bagh

Verandah, Delhi Food Bloggers

Settle down for a leisurely lunch or relaxed dinner at one of the Punjabi Bagh’s not so old casual dining restaurant, Verandah Moonshine. The venue’s stylish roof terrace and beautifully manicured plants make it the perfect alfresco destination and is perfectly buoyant and relaxed. Its a heaven for Instagrammers as it perfectly showcase the foliage and gives you a Verandah feeling. With all the swings as seating Verandah Moonshine has been carefully chosen to offer a unique dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Delhi. The space – complete with…

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World Art Dining – Cook House, Punjabi Bagh

World Art Dining, Delhi Food Bloggers

Entering the plush West Punjabi Bagh road you come across World Art Dining offering luxury dining for the people who look little solace from their routine life.  Cookhouse one of them, serving multi-cuisine, is on the top list for those who have a taste for fine dine and exquisite food. This little expensive restaurant might set you back a bit, but the food here is worth every penny. CookHouse dining hall is very spacious and even though it has a good foot fall, it never gets too loud while we were…

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Evergreen Sweet House, Punjabi Bagh

Evergreen Sweet House, Delhi Food Bloggers

Having a rush for some good sweets and amazingly tasty food, this is just the right place for you, residing at the corner of the Punjabi Bagh’s club road is the The Evergreen Sweet house made entirely of modern furnishings and lightnings to give it a surprisingly pleasant appeal a totally modern outlook. The counters where the sweets are kept are properly lit and makes the Sweets look even more lively and Delicious and pleasing to eat more and more. The decor of the place just outbursts with so much…

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A stop at Nik Bakers, Punjabi Bagh

fussy food bloggers delhi, nik bakers, punjabi bagh, best bakery

Stroll on the most happening street of Punjabi Bagh, the well known Club Road we came across this luxurious bakery that serves the most tempting cakes including the most loved TIRAMISU CAKE. Yes this bakery cum cafe is the best hangout with friends with nice look and feel. Well we tried some burgers, hotdogs, chicken fries and last but not the least their signature coffees and yes we found them lip smacking.

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The Derby Cookhouse


When we talk about good food on a road that never sleeps popularly known as Club Road of West Punjabi Bagh, guys this is the place we are talking about – The Derby Cookhouse. Be it pizzas, sizzlers, chinese or north Indian all the delicacies tastes the higher side. Great service, wonderful ambience, modern restaurant design and to top it all the lipsmacking food and your favorite cocktails and mocktails. Honestly this is not to miss experience of good food on Club Road of Punjabi Bagh. Its food not only look good in…

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