Hari Om Chole Bhature, Prashant Vihar

Hari Om, Delhi Food Bloggers

Scuttle and scattered busy streets of North West Delhi surely asks for a rush for good traditional food as well, but this is not just a neighborhood food joint but it is a specifically single food shop which has been running here I guess for more than a decade and is famous for its fluffy oily, air filled goodness. The Hari OM Chole Bhature is a small food joint located on the streets of North-West Delhi’s Prashant Vihar is a stop for this amazing traditional dish and some great Lassi…

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When Samosa is true Love of your Life !!

DCB, Delhi Food Bloggers

Walk around every nook and corner of North India and you will find many purveyors selling Samosas and many people relishing upon the crunch and spicy filling of these samosas. It has somehow become the most exciting street food of Delhi NCR. Wandering in Rohini, Sector 13 market we found this Deepak Chaat Bhandar selling around 20 different types of samosas.. yes its absolutely true. This thela here sells erratic combinations of samosa which you might have never heard of. You need to dive into the thong to satiate your…

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Uncle’s Sip & Bite, Prashant Vihar

Uncles Rohini, Delhi Food Bloggers

Onto the rushing lanes of the North Delhi’s Prashant Vihar, this cafe is a nicely made small joint for a quick snack. The food joint named Uncle’s sip and Bite is one stop shop for youngsters to have a good meal. As we got there, though the cafe was jam packed but was looking lively enough will loads of people coming in and out of it. So we ordered our food in the car itself as their was waiting for the seating to be arranged. What we ordered from the…

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Ashu Bhature Wala, Rohini

Ashu Bhature Wala, Delhi Food Bloggers

Close to heart❤  of every true Delhite or rather every North Indian is Chole Bhature. Consider it a full meal for your breakfast or a street food, this delectable dish is always pocket friendly and gives the best of its taste. Love for chole bhature indicates you are a true foodie and can always ditch your diet for it. We visited one of the gems of Rohini, Ashu Bhature Wala serving these toothsome chole bhaturas since 2008. Its a self serving/take away food joint charging INR 70/- for one plate. It…

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