Sharma ji Kachoriwala, Kamla Nagar

SharmaJi Kachori , Delhi Food Bloggers

Stalking on the roads of Kamla Nagar we found a very interesting “on-the-hoof” eating joint in the name of Sharma Ji Kachori Waale. In India some of the best foods are eaten without spoon or forks, so is Sharma Ji Kachori Waale where crisp Mathi kachori’s are served with tangy Spicy gravy. Taking your street-food desire to another level this small joint is serving the crispiest kachoris be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner or just a quick bite. Serving through decades this legendary food joint is serving one of the…

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Rico’s – Hudson Lane

Ricos Delhi Food Bloggers

Today we went out to an another hot shot in GTB Nagar – Rico’s. Its literally an everytime hangout place.This place will definitely give you pleasent vibes.But mind you, there isnt any reservations available here . So you need to be kinda lucky to get space , if coming in larger groups. Right from the Starting – service and ambience to the food served -everything was done and delivered with perfection . The seating place over there is just like any other cafe in GTB – neither big nor small…

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Gopal Sweets – Kamla Nagar

Walking through the old lanes of Kamla Nagar most of us starts craving for the street food, the khasta kachoris from Gopal Sweets Corner is one of those cravings. This food corner is buzzing all the time with energy and excitement over the street food that is served all over the day. Running through decades when almost everyone changed their lifestyles and eating habits, the kachoris of Gopal Sweets have remained untarnished. For sometime we forget everything and just focus on having this scrumptious kachori. When you feel more hungry and looking…

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736 A.D., Vijay Nagar

736AD, DelhiFoodBloggers

As you walk through the roads of Hudson lane, just around the Corner is this cool place with a nice facade of its building from outside. The 736 AD Is the place we are talking about, which gives you a hint of rustic environment and mood lit lighting All around with the most modern types of cuisines to lust upon. As you enter the 736 AD world nothing seems familiar to the modern world, rather it has an old appeal to it, with modern furnishings, which makes it stand out…

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Echoes Hudson Lane

Fussy Food Bloggers

A stylishly raw and different. Echoes has the most vibrant & different theme we have ever been to, It has a great ambiance imitating to the jails in Bollywood, the hanging bulbs, steel plates and what not to lust upon. And most shocking was that the people working in there were all dumb and deaf which was the specialty of that place that giving the specially abled a new way of life and to interact with the world.

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