OLLY – Olive’s All Day Cafe & Bar, Cyber Hub

Olly Cyberhub, Delhi Food Blogger

We all know Cyber Hub is the capital of cuisine excellence in Gurgram, from traditional bistros to new-age experimental outlets and not to forget the incredible array of ethnic cuisine. When visiting Cyber Hub, choosing a restaurant to dine at is nothing short of overwhelming. Out of this we decided to try OLLY – Olive’s All Day Cafe & Bar, located on the first floor at a corner. Olly is a great place to dine on superb nosh and satiate your tastebuds with their all day menu. With minimalist decor the ambiance is…

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Biryani Blues, Cyber Hub

Biryani Blues, Delhi Food Bloggers

This place provides Cyber Hub the only thing it was missing, a good Biryani. The warm and soothing fragrance of Biryani greets you when u pass through here. It is one of the most modest and satisfying biryani restaurant in Gurgaon. Biryani Blues serves variety of veg and non veg biryani as well as kebabs too. We ordered Chicken 65 Biryani and Soya Biryani . The chicken 65 met every expectations of mine and I just didn’t want the dish to get over. Packaging was good with “Microwave Reheatable” box…

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The Drunken Botanist, Cyber Hub

Drunken Botanist, Delhi Food Bloggers

The word “Food Fusion” is a buzz word these days but its not new, the concept has been around for many centuries. Chefs around the world intentionally combine flavors from different cultures and create innovative dishes. One such place we intrigued recently was The Drunken Botanist where Chef Vaibhav Bhargava has incorporated more ethnic flavors into our delicacies, to merging two seemingly disparate foods into one. Situated in Cyber Hub which has become a heaven for casual drinkers and food enthusiasts, The Drunken Botanist is a perfect spot for party goers where specially…

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IHOP, DLF Cyber City

Ihop CyberHub, Delhi Food Bloggers

Dont take a chance when it is matter of most important meal of the day i.e. Breakfast. Ihop, situated in most frenetic business hub of Gurugram, is all here to make your Breakfast good. It is situated in a light and airy corner of Cyber Hub and has successfully made itself the perfect Breakfast cafe. The interiors of the cafe are simple with wooden tables, colorful chairs and beautiful light hangings making it a great eatery to fuel yourself before a day out. The little different menu offers a variety…

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Cyber Hub Social, DLF Cyber City

Cyber Hub Social, Delhi Food Bloggers

Onto the alluring lanes of famous Cyber Hub this bewitching and rustic looking place is a one stop for some good food with good ambiance and fantastically amazing food. The facade of the cafe looks like houses with an old charm streets of small cities from the inside. The lighting ambiance is really warm and cozy and delights ones eyes. The ceiling has this ribbon strings which completely depict the small streets. With this exquisite environment we surely did have a good meal to complete our craving. What we ordered…

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Italiano, DLF Cyber City

Italiano, Delhi Food Bloggers

If you wanna feel La Dolce Vita without leaving the country then Italiano is the right hangout for you. Situated amidst busy corporates of Cyber Hub lies is this traditional Italian restaurant. Based out of true Italian flavors this buzzy eatery offers a cozy environment in which you can enjoy a delicious bowl of pizza or pasta or salads too .. Having both indoor and outdoor sitting you are served in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Wooden and contemporary interiors inside and big umbrellas with all the green plants outside this venue is…

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SodaBottleOpenerWala, Cyber Hub

Soda Bottle Opener Waala, Delhi Food Bloggers

Soda Bottle Opener Wala is a popular Parsi Cafe that has gorgeous mid-century modern architecture and furnishes with wooden chairs with little dim but perfect lightning inside. You ‘ll find a small bakery inside and big bar to satisfy your booze. You may find a little waiting on weekends so getting your table reserved is advisable. The menu is big enough containing many food fusions from Mumbai as well. Although it contain few dishes which makes your visit worth enough. We tried Sev Puri Cheese Puri, Chicken Sanju Baba, Berry Pulao…

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Burma Burma, DLF Cyber City

Burma Burma, Delhi Food Bloggers

Situated amidst frenetic corporate hub, DLF Cyber City, Burma Burma is a Burmese restaurant that serves one of the best vegetarian food. It stands unique among various hipster bars situated in the area in terms of food and ambiance both. Food here is fusion of various neighborhood countries of Myanmar. Hanging bells on the ceiling, traditional Burmese drawings on the walls and contemporary items situated at every corner makes it unique and give you a glimpse of Burmese culture. It feels cozy and historically cool without trying too hard. The staff…

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Quaff Microbrewery, DLF Cyber City

Quaff Microbrewery, Delhi Food Bloggers

Situated amidst one of the biggest corporate park(DLF Cyber Hub) in Gurgaon is Quaff Microbrewery. Quaff serve their assured and best brews here specially Wheat Beer and Dark Beer. The team are never afraid to create fusions of beer which are full of flavor and a treat for you. You may find many breweries in Gurgaon but this one is best in Cyber Hub perfect for weekend casual drinking. They play good music to make you tap your feet always. The restaurant is very cozy & comfortable and I have…

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Tikka Town – DLF Cyber City

Tikka Town, Delhi Food Bloggers

One of the few North Indian restaurants we intrigued recently situated amidst grade ‘A’ office buildings of DLF Cyber Hub is Tikka Town. It is the quick service offering (QSO) from Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. – the parent company to well established brands such as Chor Bizarre which has outlets in Delhi and Lavasa. Though it is a small North Indian Fast Food restaurant but its lovely to sit here with its minimalist decor. Be it tikkas, paranthas, biryanis etc etc etc the food here is one of the most anticipated things…

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