Sankalp, Connaught Place

Sankalp, Delhi Food Bloggers

Looking for a delightful place to spend with your family and friends and surely have staggering mouth watering food here. Just round the corner of Delhi’s Connaught Place is restaurant named SANKALP is surely an awe-inspiring stop for foodies to be here. This place sits on the outer circle area of CP and is flushed in the building and underneath the trees and once you reach you surely have to be up in the cue for the wait to get a table for yourself as the line is surely a…

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Horn OK Please – Delhi’s Happiest Food Festival, 2019

Delhi Food Bloggers, Horn Ok

Delhi’s Happiest Food Festival is BACK and we have way too many surprises for you this time! Drop by for a fantastic day out, whether with friends, family or just on your own, we’ve got something for everyone! Introducing the All New Walking Street – Devour some mouth watering grub from a range of popup restaurants from all over the country! Try out the ever so popular Grub Campus where anything and everything is under 250 bucks! Check out the Food Truck Park with over 20 best food trucks from…

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Best Jaggery products by Dhampur Green

Dhampur Green, Delhi Food Bloggers

Jaggery is a concentrated sugary goodness made of cane juice without the separation of molasses and crystals which varies from golden brown to dark brown in colour. This thing contains up to 50% sucrose, up to 20% invert sugars, and up to 20% moisture, with the remainder made up of other insoluble matter, such as wood ash, proteins, and bagasse fibres. And it’s the most medicinal and restorative thing eaten all over in India. It has numerous benefits which makes and even keeps the human body in shape and healthy.…

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Bemisaal Reloaded, Janakpuri

Bemisal, Delhi Food Bloggers

As the name suggests “BEMISAAL” Yes this place unprecedented and unparalleled to its core with its fine dining experience and a relished environment to sit and have a scrumptious meal with your loved ones. The place is quite an accommodation of tables perfectly set up and decked which hints us to the point that the food here would be as good as how they welcome the customers or else i say the food junkies. The seatings are comfortable with sofas and chairs perfectly put and adequate amount of space between…

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Tangy House, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

Tangy House, Delhi Food Bloggers

With so many opened restaurants and bars in Gurugram, we found a hidden gem in Bestech Chamber of Sushant Lok which really stands out from any other restro bar. Gurugram has become hub for gastronomes whose craving doesnt stop only on plates. Tangy House is one of the best dressed restaurants here where the decor is as good as cuisine. Exquisite frescoed walls with festooned ceiling is all about this restro bar. Upside down Lal Quila wall is something which attracts the most. Beautiful light hangings with more green makes the…

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Beetroot Grill, DLF Phase 1

Beet Root Grill, Delhi Food Bloggers

As we all know the potential health benefits of beetroot, this newly opened café in DLF Phase 1 is full of ideas to use beetroot in their dishes. With a large array of their healthy menu we decided to order Penne Alferado Pasta and Peri Peri Roasted Chicken to get delivered to our office for lunch. First of all we loved their high quality packing and specially their Beetroot Sauce which was accompanied alongwith the two dishes. The pasta tasted fresh and delicious. Sauce was perfect and was not so…

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Hari Om Chole Bhature, Prashant Vihar

Hari Om, Delhi Food Bloggers

Scuttle and scattered busy streets of North West Delhi surely asks for a rush for good traditional food as well, but this is not just a neighborhood food joint but it is a specifically single food shop which has been running here I guess for more than a decade and is famous for its fluffy oily, air filled goodness. The Hari OM Chole Bhature is a small food joint located on the streets of North-West Delhi’s Prashant Vihar is a stop for this amazing traditional dish and some great Lassi…

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Chaayos, M Block, Connaught Place

Chaayos, Delhi Food Bloggers

Talk about India’s most popular drink, there s only one name, Tea, specially the one full of Indian spices and herbs. Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in India(in the whole World indeed) and yes with many potential health benefits. Your family get togethers or fun time with your friends are incomplete without tea. Chaayos has filled this gap by coming up with the best Indian flavoured tea and having the most cozy tea rooms in town. Growing at an exponential rate Chaayos provides the art of blending tea which…

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AIR- An Ivory Region, Punjabi Bagh

AIR, Delhi Food Bloggers

Let’s talk somethings epic, something extensive in the restaurant world. This place is considered to be the immense amount of goodness and amazing ambiance and food to lust for. Down on the streets of Punjabi Bagh the restaurant named An Ivory Region(AIR) is the most largest of all in all of the West Delhi’s restaurants. It has a stupefying interiors with comfortably laid out seating with mesmerizing terrace to enjoy and evening under the stars. The seating is really comfortable and the lights are lit all around the place with…

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Benefits of Palm Oil by MPOC

MPOC, Delhi Food Bloggers

Extracted from the mesocorp(reddish pulp)from the famous palm trees of Malaysia is the newbie in town one must surely opt it in their lifestyle which not only relenquishes one’s living but makes it even more better by keeping the immune of the human body to tackle any disease and even makes it abruptly stronger than before and keeps the vitamin levels in the body stable enough as well. Palm oil is naturally reddish in color because of a high beta cerotene content, it should not to be confused with palm…

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Benefits of Kadaknath Chicken : Black Meat

Kadaknath Chicken, Delhi Food Bloggers

Kadaknath is a rare breed of chicken originally from Madhya Pradesh, India with lot of health benefits be it low fat, low cholesterol, high protein, high Iron content and other medicinal properties good for heart and good for diabetic people. This breed provides good resistance to many diseases and is already used in Homeopathy for treating particular diseases. Because of increasing awareness of health and diet this chicken has become a much sought after rather then chicken with high fat and cholesterol content. Not only its good for health its…

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Thali Wala, Bhikaji Cama Place

Thaliwala, Delhi Food Bloggers

In the mood for some Indian traditional food.. take a chance and hit at this surprisingly amazing place The Thali Wala. Particularly famous for its South Indian thali. This restaurant houses dishes from different food genre and different cuisines which not only water your tastebuds just by looking at it rather the environment is so pleasing that it is a jolly for everyone be it families, colleagues, friends. The restaurant is quite nicely constructed though not too loud but quirky to the eyes of the visitor with funky posters on…

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IHOP, DLF Cyber City

Ihop CyberHub, Delhi Food Bloggers

Dont take a chance when it is matter of most important meal of the day i.e. Breakfast. Ihop, situated in most frenetic business hub of Gurugram, is all here to make your Breakfast good. It is situated in a light and airy corner of Cyber Hub and has successfully made itself the perfect Breakfast cafe. The interiors of the cafe are simple with wooden tables, colorful chairs and beautiful light hangings making it a great eatery to fuel yourself before a day out. The little different menu offers a variety…

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