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Sankalp, Delhi Food Bloggers

Looking for a delightful place to spend with your family and friends and surely have staggering mouth watering food here.
Just round the corner of Delhi’s Connaught Place is restaurant named SANKALP is surely an awe-inspiring stop for foodies to be here. This place sits on the outer circle area of CP and is flushed in the building and underneath the trees and once you reach you surely have to be up in the cue for the wait to get a table for yourself as the line is surely a big one and the wait for the food is just worthy.
The restaurant has a really decent environment with soothing music and comfortable seatings and lights all around. As you enter you are really warmly welcomed by a custodian who’ll take care of your visit fully and whole time. So for this amazing place, delicious food is what it surely calls for.
What we ordered to our plates were a special Indian Bhaji Dosa, A Three Barrel Dosa, Assorted ice creams- a vanilla and a Choco chip.
What seemed really pleasing to our eyes was the three barrel dosa the most, it had 3 different dosas, one with spicy ginger paste put on it with alloo ki sabji inside of it which came out to be the bestest one as it even reminded us of vada pav as well as the paste seemed really familiar to us, the second one was a plane dosa, the third was a green one with green chutney made with corriander and mint leaves with alloo ki sabji in it as well, just seeing it seemed as if the Indian flag is kept in the plate which looked really beautiful.

The second what we had was the special Indian Bhaji Dosa, this one had pav bhaji’s sabji laced all over it which made it taste just like pav bhaji but with a twist of South India basically it was a tremendous experience to have it.

To complete our meal with a dessert, we ordered a cold one, the ice creams for sure, a standard vanilla and a chocochip ice cream which both were delicious to the core and were even given with fruit pieces beside it.

Sankalp, Delhi Food Bloggers
Sankalp, Delhi Food Bloggers
Sankalp, Delhi Food Bloggers
Sankalp, Delhi Food Bloggers

The service here is a bliss and our food came in no time to our table and were served just perfectly and how humbly the staff welcomed and performed each task was just astounding.

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