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Walking through the old lanes of Kamla Nagar most of us starts craving for the street food, the khasta kachoris from Gopal Sweets Corner is one of those cravings. This food corner is buzzing all the time with energy and excitement over the street food that is served all over the day. Running through decades when almost everyone changed their lifestyles and eating habits, the kachoris of Gopal Sweets have remained untarnished. For sometime we forget everything and just focus on having this scrumptious kachori.

Khasta Kachori , Delhi Food Bloggers
Khasta Kachori , Delhi Food Bloggers

When you feel more hungry and looking for pocket-friendly appetizers(specially for the students) then go to Gopal Sweets Corner for your toothsome journey. Here in Rs 24/- you will be given two kachoris in a plate complemented with potato gravy(filled with chana and garnished with curd) with pickle and green chillis.

Khasta Kachori , Delhi Food Bloggers
Khasta Kachori , Delhi Food Bloggers

The kachoris are very crispy & crunchy and potato gravy is perfect with the blend of all the masalas used in it. You can have the kachori with or without potato gravy, in any case you will enjoy the savory. These kachoris are freshly made/fried and since the footfall is quite high they are old immediately.
We have enjoyed this delicacy almost since birth but if you never tried it.. you definitely missed this important streetfood.
You can also try their other food items like Bedmi Poori, Paneer Pakoda, Aalu puri, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi and last but not the least Sweet Lassi. All are luscious !!
So this place is that tiny bit of solace that is situated near Shakti Nagar Chowk.
Gopal Sweets facebook page.
Address : Shop No 43 A, Kamla Nagar
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