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Golgappa Festival, Fussy Food Bloggers

All the golgappa fans out there, artistically different versions of Golgappas to lust on is what this festival has all got. The golgappa festival held in the capital’s Select City Walk mall in South Delhi, on the 29th and 30th of September organised by the curly tales team and Saket mall.
As you enter the mall, you can see the stalls from far away only with red and white theme colors popping out from there. This golgappa festival is the biggest one in the delhi capital and houses around 25 freaking different types of golgappas, you can either go for a dessert golgappa, a twisted chatpata golgappa or as we Indians eat the original authentic golgappas, this event got it covered all.

Golgappa Festival, Fussy Food Bloggers
Golgappa Festival, Fussy Food Bloggers

As we entered the festival area, the theme and the decoration was so beautifully set up and envisioned a sense of positivity and enjoyment to it. The decorations included red and white curtains all over hanging on the top and the stalls were also the same, and with the curtains it complemented with the beautiful umbrellas all around with it fitted with lights to look even good at night.
So talking about the golgappas, there were nearly 25 different varieties of golgappas from different genre of foods and end no. Of customised golgappas you didn’t even wish for. There was chatpata aam papad golgappa, the rabdi and jalebi golgappa, the daulat ki chaat suji and atta golgappa, there were chawal ke golgappe, nutella golgappa, sev puri golgappa, bittoo tikki wala’s russian golgappa and bharve golgappa, there was even banta golgappa, and end number of different golgappas to munch on. So from all these we had the nutella golgappa first, the nutella golgappa was filled with curd and nutella on top, yes it sounds absurd but it tasted a bit different but not too bad for a first try, it had a sweet and salty taste to it and no sogginess to it.
Then we had the chocolate brownie golgappa and red velvet cake golgappa, both were amazingly tasty, the chocolate one had dark chocolate in it and loads of brownie on top and the red velvet had the white chocolate and red velvet cake over the top, though they were a lot sweeter to eat but were flavoursome at the same time and crunchy as well.
Then we ate the chawal ke golgappe, it was something different for us, the golgappas were crunchy enough with pudina water filled in it and tastes just wow and the filling in it was even tastier, this was the best one to be had there.
Then lastly we had the schezwan golgappas, it had a very tangy and saucy taste to it, it was different all the more but tasty enough to have once more.

The whole event was just a bliss for the one who loves golgappas and is a total geek about them. We had a great fun having these amazing golgappas and even met the whole Curly Tales team there to greet us and be there for making the event lit.

Golgappa Festival, Fussy Food Bloggers
Golgappa Festival, Fussy Food Bloggers

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