Beetroot Grill, DLF Phase 1

Beet Root Grill, Delhi Food Bloggers

As we all know the potential health benefits of beetroot, this newly opened café in DLF Phase 1 is full of ideas to use beetroot in their dishes. With a large array of their healthy menu we decided to order Penne Alferado Pasta and Peri Peri Roasted Chicken to get delivered to our office for lunch.
First of all we loved their high quality packing and specially their Beetroot Sauce which was accompanied alongwith the two dishes. The pasta tasted fresh and delicious. Sauce was perfect and was not so thick. The portion was also good enough to fulfill your hunger.
We loved their Peri Peri style Roasted Chicken too , it was savoury and wholesome.

What we love about this café is that they keep their menus remarkable fresh with new ideas. While always a favorite, I have been recently very pleased with their emphasis on their dishes that are not only well prepared and delicious but also healthy for you.
The price is also average and not too heavy on your pocket. So this café is a must try and specially if you are a Beetroot Lover.

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