10 Downing Street, Bhopal

Ten Downing Street, Delhi Food Bloggers

A place for some traditional yet urban fine dining experience in the heart of India in its famous town, This swanky traditional silhouette has an old worlds charm to it and gives a vibe of how beautifully everything is set up and decked up with loads of familiar decor all around.
The 10 Downing street in bhopal is a good sin for the people who loves food. The place is all made with wooden furnishings to give it an old charm to it, the chandeliers and the roofs are made so beautifully which lights the moods of the foodies to enjoy their meals in some good mood lightings. Though the place is a bit on the darker side but have enough airiness and light to it to sit comfortably.
Talking about the munchies we had were Lasagna, Noodles and Paneer, Kadhai chicken with naan, Fried rice and Chilli Chicken, Hot and Sour Soup, A beer and Virgin Mojito.
Starting our craving with some Hot and Sour Soup, the soup was filled with pepper and wholesome flavour just like traditional hot and sours. Next was from the Italian plate, The Lasagna had extreme loads of cheese to it and even had thin pasta sheets sneaked in between the lasagna and laced with tomato sauce which made it tangier and tastier to eat.
Next were the Noodles and the Chilli paneer. The Paneer in it was a bit on the chewy and harder side though its gravy was absolutely fine and rightly spicy, the noodles had less veggies so it even tasted better. Next was the Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken. The chicken pieces were small enough to be eaten easily and tasty enough to go for more and complemented the rice perfectly. The Kadhai chicken was the one not to wait for. The chicken was soft enough to be eaten easily and loaded with flavours and how perfectly the spices were infused in it just made it even better, it was cooked with right amount of time and complemented it with some naans on the sides.
To gulp down the food down we had some Virgin mojito and. Beer with made a complete dinner to dine for.
It is a place were you can come with your family and friends and have a jolly time with some dance on the dance floor and great food to burn the hunger.

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